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Paint Dillema- Honey Pine Trim and Red/brown Concrete Floors

Morgan Jeanne
last month
last modified: last month

Alright paint pros and interior design rockstars, I could really use your help! I keep messing up with choosing the right paint color for my walls. I want to repaint the entire interior but I keep making mistakes with color choices.

The first time I tried to repaint my overly yellow walls, I selected BM horizon gray. (Hue- 0.30GY, .90 Chroma, 51.9 lrv) It turned baby blue! Yikes..

I chose SW White duck (Hue 1.79Y, 8.83 value, .87 chroma) and once again the color just looks off compared to my trim. Right now I dislike it, but the old yellow and beige I hope to paint over still remain.

Could this be that White Duck is too crisp compared to the rest of my house? Perhaps I need a color with a higher Chroma? Or maybe it looks off because I haven't finished painting the rest of the house?

Any input is appreciated, I would love to repaint all of the walls but I'm now double guessing my abilities to even choose 1 paint color.
Attached are pics of my house along with different sampilize colors I looked at before choosing White Duck.

The color theory I am trying to use for my house follows a tetrad color scheme with the following approximate porportions-

**YR family @ 60% porportions (pine trim, new main wall to be in this family)
**RP family @ 15% porportions (concrete floor, maybe elsewhere?)
**G family @ 15% porportions (plants, dining room chairs, ottoman, pillows, accent walls)
**B family @ 10% porportions (possibly new sofa, pillows, accent wall, art)

Thank you!

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