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Deb_Ab ;)
last month

I have WAY too much stuff in my little house. WAY too much. When I lost my job of 11 years last year in February, my husband and I finally went through our storage corner in the basement and tossed out so much stuff that's been in there for 26 years. We threw out a bunch, and donated a ton to a second hand store near my home.

Then we went through a spare bedroom that I had used as a guest room since my daughter left home. It went from being a nice guest room to a dumping ground for anything we didn't know where to put. It took a full day to go through everything and we again, donated a ton to the second hand store.

And today, that room has more junk in it than it did a year ago! I'm so mad. I bought a new L shaped desk for my office. It came with a table to make the desk U shaped, but my room is too small for the extra piece, so we put it in the spare guest room. We topped it off with the shelf from the old desk, to make it another desk. Well, that desk is now piled full of "junk". but not garbage junk. Just stuff we didn't know what to do with. So, my plan today is to go through that room again and clear out as much as I can. I have a set of 'retro' dishes from the mid '70's that I've been trying to sell. One person was interested in them, but then his messages to me got creepy so I just blocked him. hahaha. I'm going to try to sell the set again. I will not donate them. I've seen each dinner plate go for over $10 each on eBay and this set is in pristine condition other than a crack in the glaze in one cereal bowl.

I want to do away with the desk as well. I will give it to anyone that wants to come get in today if we get the room done today. It's a mix and match desk but it's free so who cares? I have bins of toys that my grandson no longer plays with, so I brought home boxes from work to box them up to donate to the second hand store. My grandson is mad and wants all his cars, but I told him he hasn't played with them in over a year, so they're going. He can keep a dozen but that's all. We have clothes hanging in the closet neither my husband nor I ever wear, they can go.

I just want the room to look nice again. And I want to paint it this summer. My daughter had the room while she lived at home and wanted a purple bedroom. The walls are the colour of Thrills gum (if you're Canadian, you know the colour! lol - and I can imagine your face thinking about the flavour hahaha) I want to paint the room a soft colour, maybe yellow or cream to brighten it up. The glow in the dark stars from the 90's are still on the ceiling. ;)

This could be an all day job. I hope not. Wish me luck!

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