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Decluttering, downsizing, still stressing

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have developed some health conditions in the past couple of years. I am living in a small house with two large dogs and one space-consuming DH. The planned house addition and the kitchen remodel keeps being put ”on hold.

Feeling a bit stressed and out-of-control I’ve been downsizing ”things.” We’ve made several trips to the thrift stores with donations; given items to various friends, and I have parceled out nearly all my ”good” jewelry to nieces.

This week I bit the bullet and tackled the vintage sewing machines ”herd.” Oh my!

I don’t know if I’m relieved - or completely heartbroken - over the loss of these machines.

I made a big dent in the sewing machine inventory while freeing up needed space in my sewing room and closets.

Now I actually have space, mental and physical, and time to use the remaining machines.

My machine-guru friend has a list of people that want/need/appreciate these indestructible iron maidens

He took the Singer 42 cabinet and bench. Giving up that set hurt, but he knows a very worthy woman who wants, needs, and will use it to its fullest. It was given to me, “for free;“ we gave it to her “for free.”

This is a blessing for me; I I now have space for a chest of drawers to fit comfortably in the guest/sewing room.

He also took the:

(1) 1952 Pfaff 130-6

(2) 1954 Singer 202-2

(3) 1953 Singer 301

(4) 1957 Singer 401

(5) Kenmore 148.

(6) 1911 the Wilcox & Gibbs.

(7) I have found a separate home for the 1925 Singer 128 La Vencedora.

My car was stuffed to overflowing. Wes loaded and packed all the machines in like sardines. I drove myself to town for the first time in months. The trip completely wore me out but made me feel good, too too.

If these machines make others as happy as they’ve made me, then it’s “a good thing“ to pass them on.

These machines had been traded and bargained for, adopted, and snatched from the curbside! Very little cash outlay was involved.

Just so you don’t think I’m a Pitiful Pearl, I am not! I can still do piecework, quilting, sewing, and mending on my “few” remaining machines.

I still have:

(1) 1954 Singer 15-91 - It may be adopted out, too.

(2) 1958 Singer 185k3 in a cabinet. This was DH’s mom’s machine and is his to keep or give away.

(3) 1924 Singer 15-30, the beautiful “Tiffany” model. it has a motor, but can be treadled, also.

(4) 1912 Singer 127-Sphinx in a treadle cabinet. It was my Grandmother’s and is actually at my niece’s house in Arkansas.

(5) Singer 221 Featherweight ❤️

(6) My modern, computerized Bernina 230PE Activa.

(7) and a Pfaff Coverlock Serger 4850.

Next up...I’m doing ONE box from the basement.

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