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Advice on cleaning out storage room, worried about bugs

last month

I have a small storage room in my apartment that got stuffed full of cardboard boxes full of miscellaneous items when I moved in nearly fifteen years ago and has remained largely untouched ever since. I would like to finally clean it out and sort through everything in there but I'm kind of concerned about what I may find in there in regards to bugs since the boxes haven't been moved or opened in so long. I know some kinds of bugs are attracted to cardboard boxes. Any advice on the likelihood of finding some kind of infestation? I don't think there should be any issue with dampness since the storage room is located inside my unit and not in a basement or something like that but I am still worried. I'm having visions of disturbing some kind of nest or something and sending bugs skittering through my whole apartment, haha. Any advice on preventing spread if I come across even a small number of something, anything that could deal with them quickly?

For further reference, I don't currently have a large issue with bugs. I get what I would consider a normal amount of spiders. Rarely I see an occasional silverfish, and a bit more frequently house centipedes, usually in the warmer months (I am in Southwestern Ontario). I do have quite a bit of clutter, though, and it's not unusual for me to find what looks like small shed larvae skins from some unknown insect whenever I go digging through something that hasn't been disturbed in awhile, and I think this is the biggest source of my fear in regards to going through all those old boxes.

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