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Capital Range Igniter Module Replacement and Clicking Issues

last month

I have an older 2013 Capital Range. I replaced a bad original equipment igniter module (SKG Model AT413.00A) on my 2013 Capital Culinarian Range with recommended E.G.O W10116108. This is for the front middle burner on a six burner range. My burner ignites but I have the endless clicking. I have cleaned, repositioned, you name it, as suggested in H

ouzz posts. The igniter doesn't recognize when the burner is lit. The only thing I can think of is that I have incorrectly made the wrong connections on with the new EGO module.

On the EGO Module:

- The two white wires from N connector on SKG module are plugged into the N connector.

- The black wire is on the L connector on SKG is plugged into the L connector.

- The orange wire from the smaller connector on the SKG module (plugs facing you, it is the top left connector) is plugged into top connector.

- There is a C-shaped connector on the bottom of the EGO Module. Is this ground? Should this be used?

This is frustrating. I am ready to buy the OEM for $250.00 or just continue to light the burner with a match.

I would appreciate any suggestions.