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My family needs your good thoughts this week please.

last month

My brother, who just turned 70 a few days ago, will have surgery Wednesday to remove a malignant Parotid mass. So you wont have to Google it, this is a cancer of the salivary gland. He has had a biopsy a couple of weeks ago at the local Cancer Institute, has seen an ENT, and the tumor grew some in a matter of a week. Another PET scan was done today to ensure the surgery could proceed. These usually are not malignant, so he, and of course his wife and all of us are worried.

Of the 3 of us siblings, he is the one who seems to be the least healthy, having high blood pressure, had a slight heart issue come up a couple of years ago, and a few other things. Our mother died of cancer just shy of her 70th birthday so I know this is on his mind. And the surgery and followup radiation and possible chemo could be ugly.

I’d appreciate your good vibes and thoughts and prayers this week for good news and healing. If any of you have had any experience with this, would appreciate hearing from you. Our only experience was about 20 years ago when our church minister had a similar surgery. He survived but had some side effects from the radiation.

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