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2" backsplash and slide in range

Susan W
last month

Help please -

I’m not much of a backsplash gal, so definitely want to keep it as simple and quiet as possible. I do want to have something because to my eye, it sort of finishes the look. My current thought is to have a 2” quartz backsplash all around, with a stainless steel backsplash behind my electric range, which will have a stainless steel chimney hood above it.

I thought I was all set in my visualization, and then decided to upgrade my range to a slide in rather than free standing, so no controls sticking up in the back. Generally speaking I’m sure I’ll like that better, but the backsplash situation gives me pause for thought.

Do I continue the 2” backsplash behind the range, putting the stainless steel backsplash above it, or do I have the stainless steel installed directly behind the range, with no 2” quartz in that area?

Note: Both my contractor and the countertop guy looked at me like I had 3 heads when I floated the idea of a 2” backsplash, but I’m feeling comfortable and confident with pictures I’ve seen online. I just can’t seem to find a visual of what to do with the slide in range situation. Thanks -

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