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Do you put "stuff" in Mac and Cheese?

6 months ago

Some people are purists who just use cheese (sauce) and pasta. Others put solid bits of onions and peppers, as well as other flavorings. Still others add all kinds of stuff. I recently bought two different brands of whole pepperoni to try in mac and cheese. And I do mean orange cheddar based, real mac & cheese. (I also make pasta with mornay sauce but that's not mac and cheese.) I also like M&C reheated with a big slug of chunky salsa picante. Or "cheeseburger" M&C with ketchup and mustard, and maybe chopped onion. Real veggies, like broccoli, ruin the texture for me, but I can see it being good for others.

I have some smocked cheese which I've been debating putting in the M&C, but I keep thinking it would be better to add some portion by portion to see how it goes before polluting a whole batch. I do not like blue cheese in M&C, with or without the cheddar, but the cheddar can be as sharp as they sell. Tang is good.

I'm too sleepy to make it just now, but I'd love to know what you put in yours.

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