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Buying a cow. Any words of wisdom?

7 months ago

I am purchasing 1/2 a cow. I understand dressed out it will be about 200 lbs of beef. 90% of that will go to DD and her family. We are not buying from a commercial producer. The grower is a neighbor of a friend who raises a few head of cattle primarily for himself but he is willing to sell one to us. I am splitting it with the my friend who is the neighbor. It will be taken to a professional butcher to be broken down.

I know there are those of you who have done similar and those of you who raise your own beef. What do I need to know? Are there particular cuts I need to ask for? P.S. I don’t eat offal.

My friend has called dibs on all the suet, which is fine with me. He grinds it with his deer meat. He is going to give me some of the ground deer meat to even out my giving him all the suet. (“what to do with deer meat” is going to be another topic in a couple of months…watch for it! 😉)

Another question. How much room is 200 lbs of beef going to take up in my freezer? I have a small upright (60” high x 28” wide x ~30” deep - outside measurements).

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