Second-guessing my rose order

Steve Mazza
last month

First post. I have read a lot of good information here and I am hoping someone can help with a question I have.
I am doing some container gardening on a patio in zone 7A (close to the edge of 6B). I lost an unprotected Violet's Pride rose to late freezes this past winter and want to try again with something different. I want something that's beautiful, highly fragrant, and as cold hardy as possible. It seems hard to find all these in one rose.
I settled on pink as a color, but it doesn't have to be pink. I really like the way Yves Piaget looks, but it seems too tender to survive here. I like Cathedral Bells / Soeur Emmanuelle, but it seems too tall. I thought I found my answer with Dee-Lish / Line Renaud, but upon further reading, I see it is known to get quite tall as well.
Can anyone confirm how Dee-Lish grows and if it is well-behaved in a container? Or does anyone have a suggestion of something else to grow instead?

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