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Unhappy customer

Annie Deighnaugh
8 months ago
last modified: 8 months ago

Well I just had a less than happy morning thanks to McCormick's.

I had used up my old bottle of maple extract...I like to add a few drops to my morning oatmeal on occasion or to the egg mix if I make french I opened up the new bottle, gave it a good shake and it was awful. It was almost clear, smelled of nothing but alcohol and had zero maple flavor or taste. I figured something got screwed up in the manufacturing, so I called the company asking for a coupon to replace it as I had to throw this bottle out. There was no point in using it at all.

They gave me a rigamarole about how they switched to all natural flavors and changed their formula and I have to let it sit open on the counter for hours for the alcohol scent to evaporate, and how it isn't dark like it used to be any more and that's just how it is.

So I got angry and complained about being a customer for over 60 years and now I'm just going to stop buying any of their products. So finally she offered to mail me a loyal customer coupon, but said if I buy it again, she's told me how to "handle" it.

My problems are, they should make it explicit on the packaging if they change the formulation, nowhere on the package does it say you have to "air" the product before using, and they should not make the customer get angry before they offer their stupid coupon when clearly it's not *my* fault that (if it's not a manufacturing issue) they've made a lousy product. I suggested they do more than drive the truck past a few maple trees.

I won't be buying it again.

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