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Food Floof! Making the cut!

last year


Do you cut them?

How and why?

If it is a sandwich made on "regular" bread, that is from a sliced loaf, I tend to cut them straight across because I think that it the filling stays inside better that way, even though I prefer the the aesthetic of them cut diagonally for no particular reason.

If its something like a cheese steak on a hoagie roll or a sandwich on a baguette, or even a wrap, I cut it in half on a bias, because I feel fancier that way.

If I make my own sandwich bread, its heart shaped and therefore cutting is forbidden. Same thing with homemade biscuits for a breakfast sandwich. Heart shaped and whole. What's the point otherwise?

Sometimes, if its just for me, I just skip the cutting altogether. Some sandwiches, like a BLT or egg salad, just eat better whole.

Things on buns like burgers or fried chicken sandwiches, I leave whole unless I am making it for SO to take with him somewhere and I cut it in half so It is easier to eat.

What about you?

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