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Has Spring sprung in your area?

Tina Marie
last year

Yesterday I met friends for lunch in one of the "big city" areas. My little town is nestled between three cities. Anyhoo, it was about a 40 minute drive for me and what a beautiful drive it was. The further west I got, I noticed more and more dogwoods and redbuds starting to bloom. Our dogwoods just have buds but not blooms. It was a glorious day weather-wise and I drove back through one of the "main drags" of that city, which goes through an area of old homes, most with beautiful yards. I decided not to hit one of the highways that would lead back to my little town and instead, took the backroads from a road that let me pass my old work place and the way I often came home. So much greening out and blooming! Sad thing is we are supposed to be very close to freezing Saturday and Sunday night. It's good our dogwoods haven't bloomed out, maybe the blooms will be spared. My tulip tree was in full bloom when we had snow/freeze a few weeks ago. The next day, every single, beautiful bloom was brown. : ( Our bradford pear blooms turned dirty looking. Thankfully their leave are now coming out, so no more dirty blooms LOL. My creeping phlox is starting to bloom, my candy tuft has been blooming for weeks, my tiny little quince bush has grown a bit and has blooms. My hydrangeas are budding out and the new rhodies we recently bought have buds. I can't wait to see them!! The Mr. is building an arbor-type structure that will go out back and I have great plans for a climbing plant along with a large planter on at least one side. I have a new blue nikko hydrangea on order and two clematis. I bought a blue nikko last year, but it didn't survive the winter. I love spring! I even love our hot summers. I just love having all the blooming trees and flowers. We even have an annual Dogwood Festival here each April. We have marked trails you can drive on and people on these trails go all out with their yards. My favorite two trails are through area with gorgeous old homes. I love to see all the yards, and get ideas on plantings. Sorry, I am rambling, I know, but apparently I have SPRING FEVER!! We are back in the 70's and will hit bottom this weekend - warming up again next week. Spring is certainly temperamental in our area!

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