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hood cabinet symmetry vs. alignment with base cabinets

2 years ago

*Original plan had 2 18” cabinets flanking a decorative hood.
*Designer didn’t account for filler next blind corner and didn’t account for end panels on cabinets.
*with only 1/2” filler, keeping 18” cabinet to the right of the hood would have resulted in the hood being 1/2” off center from the range.
*as a compromise to requiring a new, longer corner cabinet, I agreed with contractor that they could order 2 17” cabinets to flank the hood.
*without my approval, they decided to order 1 16.5” cabinet to replace the 18” cabinet with to the right of the hood.
*the pictures show 1 18” cabinet on the left and one 16.5” cabinet on the right.
*my wife wanted this to be a feature wall and the decorative wood hood was very expensive. She is insisting on symmetry. We are compromising again and asking the contractor to order the 16.5” cabinet for the left of the stove. They are leaving 1/2” filler and we will use a 110 to 85 degree hinge angle restrictor.
*the 16.5” cabinet plus 2 end panels will be 1.75” to the right of the end of the countertop and will 1.25” to the right of the end of the 23” base cabinet with decorative end panel.

***the two tiles stacked lengthwise in the pic represent the location where the 16.5” cabinet would end.

  1. will the 16.5” top cabinet being 1.25” out of alignment with the base cabinet look like a glaring mistake?
  2. with 16.5” top cabinet lack of alignment where should I end my backsplash? The edge of the base cabinet? Edge of countertop?
  3. do you think I should ditch symmetry and keep the 18” cabinet to the left of the hood?
  4. will the 16.5” cabinet with end panels look dinky out by itself? As the 18” has a little more heft.
  5. should I go with the 16.5” top cabinet and make them order a new, smaller cabinet to the left of the range - going from a 23” cabinet to a 22” cabinet so that the top and base cabinets come within a quarter inch of lining up - I would also have to get my countertop to the left of the range cut down an inch.

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