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Has anyone out there had Cambria Quartz for several years?

Mimi Rhonda
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I currently have granite in my dated kitchen, in the midst of a remodel. I am about to invest in Cambria for a very large island, and kitchen perimeter and just came across a thread that has me a little concerned. Along with hearing about pooling, someone else said they couldn’t sit crockpots on it, and would be afraid to roll out pie dough directly on the quartz because of the high fat content possibly leaving a greasy mark. My kitchen is not just for show. I cook and bake alot! And I do not want to have to worry about the normal things I do in my kitchen! I know I will need to use hot pads/trivets when taking things from the oven, but is it an issue to sit crockpots, or slowcookers directly on cambria as they cook? Can someone who cooks and bakes and uses these countertops share your experience? I even have extra outlets placed around my island for friends/family gatherings where others bring foods/crockpots and had no idea this would be any kind of issue. ? I also would not want to be concerned about rolling out pie dough, or kneading bread directly on the countertops, or dripping buttercream icing on it. Any advice or experience with the real life of Cambria? Would appreciate hearing your experience.

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