Indoor citrus update: January

So, I've been growing a number of citrus trees exclusively indoors for several years. Thought I would post an update on their progress.

Fukushu bloomed twice this fall, set fruit both times, and is now getting ready to bloom again. Meanwhile many of the fruits have started to color up. I'm a little surprised as my fruits are bigger than last year by quite a bit.

My Nagami, the tree that has been through too much is finally growing. This tree has been dropping a ton of the damaged leaves that it has hung on to for the last two years, all winter, and I was getting a bit concerned for awhile. But, since it didn't lose everything, and since it was just old and damaged leaves, I decided to wait and see. It has now sprung into the largest spurt of new growth that I have seen yet and I've noticed some flower buds. Hoping now that it is finally out of the woods.

My seedling trees have also begun to grow new leaves after struggling through the heat last summer and the cold this winter.

I'll post updates on the others soon. Any other exclusive indoor growers? Any updates? Lessons learned?

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