7.4' x9.4' bathroom design help needed

Rhoda Kindred
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Our bathroom is 7.4x9.4 ft. It is both the main bathroom and the master bathroom in our 1970's ranch house. It is the only bathroom with a tub.. We are coming to the end of a whole house remodel and the bathroom is the last to do and money is getting tight....Right now the current lay out is a 60" vanity and 53" closet on one side and a 60" tub/shower combo and toilet on the opposite side. The door opens into our very short hallway to the main room and there is a window on the end outside wall. So it is essentially a long narrow walkway. We are wanting to update/modernize the room and would like to make it more bright/open. We'd like to remove both of the two little walls on each side and ultimately want to make it so its not so narrow.. I am fine going down to a 48" vanity. It has to have a tub and I'd be okay going to a 48" tub (either free standing or alcove/drop in). We do use the tub alot for the kids/dog and I like to soak every now and then... Hubby says the toilet needs a 36" total area for it not to feel cramped. I originally wanted to take the half towards the window and turn it into a wet room with both a walkin shower and a free standing tub. Hubby thinks it may be too much work and cost and be a moisture issue down the road. I also wondered about keeping the tub_shower combo and putting it in front of the window, (we live in the country in the middle of nowhere so I don't mind showing infront of the window) but hubby is worried about water damage with the window and he definitely wants the window to be able to open and close. We use the window alot! Would it be better to keep the tub/shower layout the same and put glass on two sides of the tub/shower combo to let more light in? If yes,, where to we find a tub shower combo with two sides framless glass and 2 sides surround. Or would that make the walkway feel smaller having to walk by the glass?Right now we have a baseboard heater, but that can definitely be changed.We cannot move the window. But we could move the bathroom door over to the right about 16-18" if we need too. (I don't want to move it to the left as that would make it open up to the living area and there is alot of electrical in that wall that would need to be moved.)I would like to keep as much closet/storage as I can, but am willing to sacrifice it in order to get a nice open bathroom.Ideally, we'd love a walk in shower and a tub, but I'm thinking we just don't have enough space for both.Lastly: Hubby says we are not using tile anywhere. And he's staying firm on that, so tile is totally out of the question. Any ideas???Pictures including a very poorly hand drawn layout is in my ideabook:

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