P. Zimmerman Raising Funds For Rose Rosette Disease Research

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3 months ago
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If you have been affected by RRD, as most of us in the eastern US have been, this is for all of you in particular.

Texas A&M and the University of Tennessee are doing research to find genes for resistance to RRD and then introduce those genes into breeding programs to develop resistant varieties. They have been somewhat successful in tracking and isolating likely genes. But their government grants were not approved last year, and the research is in danger of having to halt. Rosarian Paul Zimmerman has started a GoFundMe to support the program until the government grants are approved this year, hopefully in September. This is definitely a worthy cause. Please go to the fundraiser page, read the info and watch the video. If you can, please give. The fundraiser has been up since October, and has barely raised any money! Rosarians, where are you???


I thank you, Paul thanks you; most importantly, your roses thank you.


EDIT: Brand new Facebook video- P. Zimmerman

EDIT 2, 3-28-22: Paul has dropped in to visit the thread. Please scroll down to find his comment.

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