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How should I decorate our fancy but odd master bathroom layout?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Our new house has a rather strangely shaped master bath with a freestanding tub. It feels very fancy, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to decorate it. When I look at fancy baths on Houzz and Pinterest, they have all these things in them. Trendy towel bars and stools with plants on them or attractive shelving. When I look at ours, it seems like I should be able to do a million fancy things with it, but I just see a collection of things that won't work.

Here it is:

P.S. - These photos are a little misleading because I zoomed way out to capture more of the room. But in real life it feels somewhat smaller than how the photos make it look.

It's a huge and lovely bathroom, but the main problem I have is that pretty much everywhere is thoroughfare. The doors beside the tub are the main closets, so of course we go in there all the time and don't want to have to dodge around decor.

Some challenges:

  • There's basically no place to put a towel that's reachable from the shower.
  • We can't put a mat outside the shower because the door has very little clearance above the floor.
  • We can't fit a freestanding towel bar in front the of the tub (I don't think? It seems like it would stick out too far into the room.)
  • I'd like to put some artificial plants in here, but I'm not really sure where they would go.
  • I'd like to put a stool next to the tub, maybe with a plant on it or some artfully arranged objects, but it seems like they'd just feel like they were sticking out into the room.
  • I'd like to put a bench or low table along the windows, but they are so low (which I do love most of the time) that I feel like it would look weird to block the bottoms of the windows.
  • I'd like to put a mat in front of the tub, but that area is half walkway and it seems like it would be strange/annoying to always be walking on the corners of that mat all the time.

I'd kind of like this room to have a color scheme of white / navy / natural wood / green plants, but honestly I'm struggling with where to add any items of any color. Obviously I can do something with the wall behind the tub, but I'm not sure what to do with the rest of the floor area. It just seems so empty but I'm not sure what to do with it. Please help!

In case anybody is curious, the trim is SW Snowbound and the walls are SW Agreeable Gray.

(P.P.S. - You may wonder why we ended up with such an odd bathroom that I'm so lukewarm about. Originally were going to have a different one, but the builder "evolved" the plan to this bathroom right before the paper signing and it was non-negotiable -- the old bathroom layout was no longer available. We loved the rest of the house so decided to go with it even though it was odd.)

Edit: adding a few more photos that show the space better in case that's helpful .

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