Can I make this red leather sofa and chair work?

Christine Tarkenton
4 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

*** Thanks for all the comments - I agree the couches & the rest of their stuff is not appealing - was just trying to see if there was any redeeming qualities on the sofa as whatever is in its place will be used and abused by renters. But you've all confirmed my gut feeling that the couches are, in fact, hideous and I will tell them to take away with all their other stuff!! And also should have noted that this is basement level of the home so not main living area. **

I will leave this post up for a bit just in case any other person out there is also faced with a "free ugly, red/wine/pink leather couch dilemma!" Thank again for all the comments! ***

Hello! We are purchasing a vacation rental - and the current owners want to leave the sofa and chair in the photo. (Note these are their photos and won't reflect my style in the home)

Keeping the sofas will save money - but I don't love the shape or style. Don't look at anything else in the room - I plan to have a large natural fiber rug to ground the space more & make the space behind sofa more of a flex space with table / chairs etc.

The room will mainly be used as a TV, hang out space with a game table that walks out to a mountain/lake view. Floor is stained concrete. Sofas face a fireplace & a TV is mounted on wall next to fireplace.

Any ideas on how to make the sofas work or should I just ask them to take them away.

Thanks so much for any and all suggestions!

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