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Help decorate bedroom around geometric curtains

Emily R.
last year

My husband *loves* these. They are really pretty with the light streaming through them -- although definitely not serene or spa-like! ha We've 'decorated' our previous bedroom around the bedspread (my pick) for the last 15 years, so it's his turn, now. ;) The king bed frame and dresser stay; everything else, including the horrible rug that I repurposed from another room when we moved, can go. I don't need hotel-esque, no-pics-on-dresser pristine, and I'm not going to attempt to 'match' the bathroom, which is super neutral and (dare I say) spa-like. However, I'm having a hard time figuring out what will look good with these very bold, geometric, shades-of-blue curtains -- I'm looking for bedspread, rug, big art for blank wall. The French doors open to a lovely Spanish-style interior courtyard. Thanks for any help!!!

Bossy curtains

Not sure why I ever thought an ombre brown rug was a good idea. :P There is nowhere else in the house where the dresser can live, and it's a high-quality piece, so it has to stay here.

Bedspread has done its duty and can retire proudly. Folding Costco chair, although classy :P , can retire as well. :D Big blank wall to fill.

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