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Need decorator advice for bedroom curtains

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I need some decorator advice on curtains for a "problem" guest bedroom window. The bedroom is quite small (11' x 12') but has a high (10' ceiling). The problem is that the window in the bedroom is located quite close to the floor, relative to the ceiling (the top of the window is 3.5 feet below the ceiling, and it is 21 inches from the bottom of the window to the floor). The first 2 photos below are photos of the bedroom window - one with the blind closed and one with the blind open.

What I want to add to the window is velvet curtains (see the third photo below) but with a semi-sheer central panel. However, I don't know where to locate the curtain rod above the window.

I want to make the room look larger/loftier and I like the look of the rod close to the ceiling in the 3rd photo, but given the location of my window (ie, much more wall above than below it), I am concerned that it will look disproportionate. Can someone advise me on where I should locate the curtain rod relative to the top edge of the window and/or the ceiling to still get the look that I want?

Thank you!

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