Help creating vegetarian "stuffed stuff" leftover feast (sauce, etc.)

l pinkmountain
4 months ago

I have some delicata squash that I bought for "stuffed squash" that I MUST use up. Half of one got moldy, so there really isn't enough to serve two people, also because the amount of squash is rather skimpy. No problem I thought, I also have one left over orange pepper, so I can parboil that and also stuff it. Now, I also have some spring greens so a salad of just that would be fine, but I have a cabbage too. So I'm thinking maybe parboil a couple of those leaves and stuff them. Like a "mixed plate" including a couple of little stuffed cabbage rolls, half a stuffed pepper, and half a stuffed delicata squash. Now I'm trying to figure out a zippy sauce to drizzle over the whole mess. The pilaf is going to be a fruit and nut one with feta, cranberries and apples to clear out some fridge bits and bobs, so I'm thinking maybe something tangy with tahini or yogurt, both of which I have. Want something room temp, don't want a cold sauce over a hot meal.

Ideas? The only yogurt sauce that I know of that has a Mediterranean feel has cucumbers in it, (tstatsiki) and I don't have any cukes. Also mint, which I don't particularly like and don't want to use here--no mint! I know you can make tstatsiki with other spices, I'm thinking maybe dill and lemon, but hubs is picky about lemon stuff. I could do dill and corriander. The dill and lemon sounds appealing to me but not the dill and corriander, I don't much care for yogurt. Also tahini sauce usually has lemon in it too. Maybe I should just say "pft" to hubs and make something I would like. He wouldn't have to use the sauce. But anyway, any other ideas welcome if you have a sauce that you like, or if you've ever done non traditional stuffed veggies . . . input welcome. However, I am going to make all the stuffed vegetables regardless, so "Don't make the stuffed vegetables or don't use cranberries" is not helpful, that's a given. "It's going to be yucky" is not useful either. If that's the case, I don't need to post on CF to just experiment on my own.

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