Help Me Design My Tiny Pool Fountain Wall

Marcia Sieben
4 months ago

Hello! The house I recently purchased in the desert southwest came with a small spa pool (aka "cocktail pool," "spool" or "plunge pool"). The fountain wall is asymmetrical (no idea why), made of stucco, and the fountain part is copper which has developed a turquoise patina where the water flows out and is a brown patina elsewhere. It is currently just painted the same sand color as the house, but the house has light brown trim. The pool deck is flagstone, but there is a brown paver patio nearby. The waterline tiles are off-white. I was thinking of possibly adding stacked stone veneer panels (picking up house and patio colors), but I also kind of like large brownish copper-look tiles and am open to ideas. I do not want to play up the turquoise; I like natural colors and there's plenty of turquoise in the water and fountain area. There is a nature preserve behind the pool but the yard is relatively small. I may put flagstone cap tiles on the top. I can't afford anything lavish. What would you suggest? Thanks in advance!

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