Help choosing coordinating BM grays

4 months ago

I am remodeling my laundry room. We’re doing a white tile for the backsplash. The floors are walnut. There is one large northeast-facing window. It gets a moderate amount of natural light in the morning, not much in the evening.

The walls are currently SW Repose Gray and I love it. It’s a perfect soothing gray, neither too warm or too cool. I will keep that wall color if I can find a BM color for the cabinets that works with it. (I want to use Advance paint for the cabinets so I want to stick with BM colors). Other colors I’m considering for the walls are BM Gray Owl, Silver Chain, Vapor Trails, Moonshine, Cliffside Gray. All of those look nice in the natural light or with artificial light. Revere Pewter looks terrible, very yellowy-beige, not gray at all.

The part that is making it hard is the cabinets. They are currently Behr Dover White. It’s a very creamy white. It looks nice with the Repose Gray walls, but terrible with the stark white appliances. I want to paint the cabinets a darker gray than the walls, and will consider anything from a light-mid gray to a charcoal. The other colors on the gray owl card look ok, but lean green. Sea Haze looks decent. Desert Twilight is starting to lean green and it gets greener when I turn on the light. Silver Chain/Gray Huskie/Cape May Cobblestone look pretty good, but maybe slightly purple, more so when the light is on. Gray Horse/Storm Cloud Gray look ok, maybe too cool and greenish. Half moon crest/Sabre gray/cos cob stonewall seem too cool/green/blue. Stonington gray/Coventry gray also look too cool/blue. Nimbus/Smoke Embers/Baltic Gray lean purple. Silver song looks ok, but fieldstone leans green. Ozark Shadows/Galveston gray are very purple.

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