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Is this an acceptable tile job?

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

Long story short home advisor sent us a contractor (because we don't know anyone locally). We had him. Anothet pneumonia who was about 2x the price and another one who was suspiciously cheap. He was middle of the road although pretty cheap overall and had good reviews online. We actually planned to start the job with him when I stumbled on his portfolio on fb. I am generally a very picky person so I can't tell if I am overreacting or if this work seem sloppy and unevern around the edges. Should we go ahead with him or find a different contractor. It's a big job (about 3000 sq feet of tile floor including demo of the old one). Please tell me if I am overly nitpicking or if I should not ignore this.

Line in the below picture the corner seam looks uneven and the top of the cutout looks pretty sloppy (not sure if it's missing grout)

In the one all the tile next to the corner looks slightly different width and the cutout in the all also looks off

In this one you can see the seams of the tile patter don't seem to line up (especially at the bottom)

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