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combining 2 bathrooms in house with weird layout

Leigh Sandison
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

Hi there! I live in Toronto in a 100 year old house that's weird :). The main floor has a large bathroom with shower. The upstairs has two small bathrooms each with a shower, neither with a window. The ensuite to master is 5x6ft, the 'guest' bath is 6x6ft (and there's probably a foot of dry wall between them).

We have a toddler and are hoping to have another next year and bathing babies in showers is not ideal. Also, the upstairs used to be split into two apartments, so to get to my office at the front, from my bedroom in the back, I have to walk through my closet and my son's room.

I'm hoping by combining the bathrooms we can not only have a tub and a way better and more spacious layout, but also gives another option for getting around the upstairs (especially when second baby comes).

Everything I've read says don't combine the bathrooms for resale value. We're planning on staying in this house for at least 10 years, and I feel like the no tub, wonky layout, tiny master sink (can't wash my face at the sink because elbows hit shower and wall) makes it a bit of a different situation for us. We also have a large nice shower on the main floor, so we really don't need a third shower, we really need a tub!

Option 1:

I am thinking we could have a double sink and a toilet in the master area, one bathtub / shower, a toilet, a double sink in the guest area, and then a pocket door that you can open or separate depending on if guests are there. I've put in my amateur layout below, this layout means no toilets are moved, no doors are moved (just guest door goes out instead of in).

Option 2:

We leave the tiny master bathroom as is, and put in a tub along the 'back' wall of the guest room.

What do you think? Preference? Are there other options I'm not seeing?

Thanks so much for your help!!

Layout of upstairs

Master bath

Guest bath (toilet behind door)

Option 1 - pocket door

Option 2 - only update tub in guest bath

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