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Can they fix the colors on our rift cut white oak veneer cabinets?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Help! Three years ago we renovated our kitchen and chose slab cabinets in reconstituted rift cut white oak veneer with a horizontal grain. There were several problems including mismeasures by the cabinet company and faulty installation. I won't go into all the details, suffice to say the entire left side had to be replaced including the size of the opening for the fridge, the cabinet/doors above the fridge, and the two small pantries/doors on the far left side. Then last year the veneers separated on the tall pantry door and the fridge panels.

I asked the owner of the cabinet company to reglue the veneer and was reassured that's what they'd do. But was later told it wasn't possible and instead, his guys replaced the doors & panels. More mistakes were made with mismeasures with the fridge panels and they had to replace them again. Unfortunately, we now have multiple colors of wood/stain.

The owner of the company finally admitted they shouldn't have taken on the job because they had never worked with this type of wood before. He is trying to make this right. At the end of last year, his stain guy came to our home trying to match three different colors; (1) original stain, (2) replacement pantry & fridge doors (pinkish), and (3) the panel above the fridge (darkish yellow).

What he did, though, was make it worse! He unevenly applied a white wash on almost ALL of the wood (he didn't do the trim). He also applied a gloss top-coat on top of the matte top-coat for our original doors and that is splotchy. So now we have a mess of 4+ different wood stain colors and finishes. The owner was furious when he saw what was done.

They will soon be coming back to fix the mess and their plan is to respray the entire kitchen.

Can anyone please advise me on the specific language to use to convey what needs to be done? I've said they need to do color matching (toning) of the wood before doing the overall spray and before applying the top-coat.

What else do I need to ask/say to have a successful outcome? I do not expect them to replace all the doors so I know it won't be a perfect match. But I want a better outcome than seeing all the distinct colors and the blotches of high gloss on matte.

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