Banana plant troubles

Emily McClure
last month
last modified: last month

I purchased my banana plant about 3 months ago and it quickly began to go downhill. First it was brown spots in the middle of the leaves and all along the edges, then it as aphids. I got rid of the aphids by making a spray with dish soap, but there has been a black sort of residue on the stems ever since and the leaves just keep looking worse. I tried putting it in different locations since I was thinking the brown spots were scorch marks from too much light, and I also tried to be careful not to over- or underwater it. Nothing seems to be making much difference, with the exception of one location that had more afternoon sun exposure and made things worse. Right now it is on my East patio where it gets unfiltered morning sun and is in full shade by about 1pm. I have cut off multiple sickly looking leaves at the base when they got to the point of being very wilted and yellow, and I just hope I didn't cause too much harm by doing so.

Please help!! This poor plant deserves better :(

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