Subway Tile Trim Ideas

6 days ago

Hey ya'll. Well i have yet another design dilemma. I spent countless hours looking at tile backsplash for my kitchen remodel, ended up just choosing the most basic white datile 3x6 subway tile. Real original i know. Anyway, naturally i didn't consider how to finish the edges at all. I did a lot of research here and saw that the Schluter metal trim is popular but i really don't want metal. So i saw that Datile makes a matching "Jolly" trim for this basic tile so i got some. But i really don't love the way it looks (yes i know the tile is coming out too far, i'm going to ask them to fix that tomorrow):

I feel like when finished it's going to feel too much like a bathroom (Pic from the internet):

This is a small pic of the rest of my kitchen for context.

Are there any more elegant or creative solutions for subway tile trim? I've really done a lot of Google searching and having found anything interesting. Are there other types of 1/2" trims that are more interesting?


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