Blue grass cloth wallpaper gone wrong?

3 days ago

Just in the final stages of a reno and thought this would be the easiest component. I chose a natural blue grass cloth wallpaper to go in the Master Bedroom wall behind the bed.

See pics below.

I get that seams are to be expected. I find that the seams aren’t cut smoothly against each other and there is the shredding at the edges.

The installers said the paper was extremely difficult to work with and not a good quality. When I bought it, it was an in stock popular product that was highly recommended. I’ve asked my contractor to review in person and determine best path forward.

I suspect my options are:

(1) Tear up and re-do - requires refinishing wall. I don’t have a whole lot of confidence it will be done better.

(2) Select a different wallpaper and apply on top?

(3) other options???

Is this my issue because of the product I chose? How would this be rectified in a best case scenario?

Looking for any guidance offered!

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