Same paint, looks different on cabinet doors vs frame/crown molding.

Deena Ruiz
last month
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Has anyone had this issue and found an answer to this problem? Here's the story...

We're updating our kitchen cabinets from a creamy yellow to BM Simply White. The contractor used BM not another brand to match. The doors were removed and taken to his shop to be painted there. Frame/crown molding painted at my house first. When everything was put back together the frame/molding is a bright white and the doors a warmer white. I know some will say the lighting up top is different so the molding will look slightly different. However the panels that run along the side (were not removed since they are part of the frame - see pic 1&2 that shows frame/panel vs doors) look bright white vs the cabinet door, a warmer white, when they are side by side (so no lighting difference here). I don't know what to do. The contractor assured me that BM Simply White was used but as I said before, the frame/molding was done in one day where as the doors were delivered to me at over a week later. It can't be a coincidence that the frame/molding is one color and the doors another. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm so diappointed and flustered. Hopefully the photos will post.

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