last month

I rarely ever mix brownies by hand. I rarely mix anything by hand. However, last week, I didn’t feel like hauling the mixer out. I mixed my brownies by hand. Within that batch, on one or two occasions I bit down into something with an odd texture. Because these are ”scratch” brownies, I’m fairly confident that there wasn’t foreign material in my brownies. I’m wondering if by mixing by hand, I failed to fully incorporate the chalazae* and it cooked to a distinct texture. Is that possible?

FWIW, I just made another batch. This time I used my mixer. Nevertheless, I attempted to pick out all the chalazae before adding the eggs. If you’ve ever tried to pick shell out of a raw egg without using a shell, then you may have some idea of the difficulty and fruitlessness of attempting to pick out the chalazae.

*(in a bird's egg) each of two twisted membranous strips joining the yolk to the ends of the shell

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