Report on drought in MN impact on my apples.

2 months ago

This past summer in my central MN location we have a severe drought thru August with rainfall more than 7" below normal. My soil is somewhat sandy so it doesn't hold water well.

I installed lawn sprinklers this spring and about 20 of my trees were in areas that were covered by the sprinklers so I had an easy comparison.

The irrigated trees did well as you might expect. The others had substantially reduced yields and/or small apples. The drought had little impact on pests.

I did manage to water several 10 year old honeycrisp trees and for the 1st time got an excellent crop from those trees by leaving a hose on "trickle" for 24 hours a couple times a week. Wasn't expecting it to work as well as it did. They are on a sloped, sandy area and I'm wondering if they lack water even in a normal year.