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KP Devlin
last month
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So I was fairly certain I'd picked out the perfect spot for my succulents (Euphorbia, Pachypodium, Crassula, Cereus) in our new house, but unfortunately this conflicted with my wife's desire to place a piece of furniture in that exact spot. I lost the argument about who needed the light more - her or the plants...

So I'm trying to decide on a new spot. We have a sun room in the back, which doesn't really get as much light as you'd think, being called a sun room. There is some bright direct and filtered sun in the morning, but then in the afternoon the sun has passed to the front of the house and that room doesn't get much light. Also I believe that room will get fairly chilly in winter, as it is an addition to the house and does not have ductwork or a radiator for heat. There is a wood burning stove in there, but that will not always be in use over the winter, so the room will be cold for stretches of time.

There is a cramped spot in the bedroom by an East facing window that gets good morning sun, perhaps even better than the sun room, but then is darker in the afternoon.

And lastly there is a spot in the living room, which would be great from a viewing perspective - the plants would look great there. The room gets zero direct sun, but is the brightest room in the house and has a sky light. The plants would be against a wall on the other side of the room from the front windows, but they'd be almost directly under the skylight, which would give them pretty good consistent light throughout the day.

My sense is that the last option is best, though obviously none is ideal. What would you folks do?

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