Please help me save this yellowing lime tree from the store

Anthony C
2 months ago

Hi houzz community,

I scored a really good deal on a small potted lime tree a few days ago. The reason for this was that it was knocked over and was sitting on the ground with half of it's soil missing for a little while.

I would guess that it is yellow and dropping leaves because it suffered a "drought" with the roots drying out without soil. I bought it for under $5 so I figured it was worth a try. It appears to be dropping leaves slowly but it is also trying to flower right now. I picked off the flowers that I could identify so far.

Should I be doing some pruning and/or other things to increase the chances of this plant surviving? I have attached a photo of the plant in it's current state.

Also, I live in Canada so this is an indoor planted tree with artificial light to supplement the window.

Thanks everyone!

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