Help me design my Kitchen Island cabinets!

Megan Malone
29 days ago

I am in the cabinet design process of a new home build. It is a spec home with some customizations so the floor plan is set but I can make alterations to cabinets etc. I love a giant empty island (I have lived in homes with a cooktop on island, sink on island, and an empty island and I cannot be talked out of an empty island, I don’t want a prep sink). If my island is 9’ x 4’ I will bring the base out an extra foot and have a 12” overhang. Is it worth installing hidden cabinets with a push latch on the seating side of my island? The other side will have 2 pull out garbage drawers (one for garbage/recycling and the other for dog food). this is a repost only because I did not add photos to my original post I also included my planned cabinets for the rest of the kitchen since someone asked me to include those in the post.

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