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Please help me design my kitchen

another bird
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello kitchen experts! I have been lurking on these forums for a few weeks now and am so impressed with not only knowledge and experience that is abundant, but even more so with positivity and generosity of this community. I hope you will be able to help me too, and really appreciate any advice.

Introduction. Ours is a multi-gen family of 6: me & my husband, our two kids (currently 8 & 2) and my parents (mid-60s). My parents cook most weekday meals, I am mostly a weekend cook (and then I cook a lot) but some evenings I cook also, my 8yo is in the kitchen sometimes (mostly using the fridge & MW), my husband hardly ever cooks but has multiple coffees a day and makes an occasional sandwich (coffee maker & fridge). Overall, quite often there are 2-3 people in the kitchen at the same time.

This is my first complete kitchen reno, and most likely the only one I will have on such a big scale. While this is not mine & my husband's forever home, we are planning to stay here for a long, long time. For a number of reasons, it's unlikely that my parents will ever move out and the house suits all of us very well, so we are basically looking to stay here until they are with us, which is hopefully many years. So here's my chance to get my dream kitchen, but also make it work for the family.

What we currently have is an outdated U-shaped kitchen that opens to the adjacent dining area. Two walls of the "U" are external walls; the living room is on the other side of the third wall. We use the dining table in the dining area for family breakfasts on weekend mornings and for occasional family dinners, but during the week we mosty eat at different times.

We don't entertain much but every now and then we will have a biggish group of people over (up to 20-30 sometimes including kids). This mostly happens in summer so we can use the deck and backyard more than the kitchen/dining. We would do buffet style food in either case.

My biggest ambition is to remove the wall between the kitchen and the living room to open the space. I am yet to consult an engineer but most likely it's a structural wall so the cost of removing it with ensuring appropriate support might be quite high. I only hope it won't be too high to be prohibitive. Anyway, I base on assumption this can be done - otherwise there's much less fun.

With the wall gone, I'm thinking of an L-shaped kitchen with an island that will double up as our main meals area.


What I would like:

A large island with seating for 6 and a small sink

A breakfast/coffee area further from the main kitchen action, for my husband's cofees and kids' toasts and snacks.

A large double sink in clean-up zone under the window (and not move it greatly from where it currently is)

A DW next to that large sink

A wide cooktop (and leave it where it currently is)

A blind corner is OK (I don't mind having my large appliances there)

A narrow pull-out pantry would be great but I can't find a place for it

A double oven

An under-counter MW (don't like it high or on the counter)

A broom&mop cabinet (currently next to the oven)

A place to feed our cats ( currently near the MW)


What I'd rather not have:

A separate dining table - I relaly like how having island seating saves space and brings everyone together when we have friends over rather than divides people in groups. However I'm aware of the cons of counter height tables (for kids/elderly) and am reasonably open to having a smaller island and a dining table, just can't place it so that it doesn't take all available space...


Other stuff:

Just FYI, the wall to knock down currently runs where my plan shows the "top" edge of the island.

Apart from that wall, the rest of the walls will have to stay, as well as the existing doors and windows.

With the fridge, I could only think of placing it next to the breakfast area. This is a bit far from the main kitchen area but close to the breakfast area so good for hubby/kids.


I'm attaching some mock ups that I've come up with so far - apologies for mixed units, I'm used to metric system (I'm in Australia) but I've added a couple of measurements in inches just for reference. At this stage I don't need to go to the level of how many drawers to put in each cabinet, more like higher level design for now as we won't be starting the real action till well after Christmas.

Ideas, please! I might not be able to reply to comments immediately but I am really looking forward to everyone's opinions and have pretty thick skin, so bring it on!

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