Unhappy with shower niche. Is it just me?

29 days ago
last modified: 29 days ago

Hi new homebuyer here! I recently did a walk through and brought up my concerns of how the shower niches came out. They said they fixed it and I went to see it again today but I honestly don‘t think it looks good still The builder seemed adamant that this would be the best they can do. They seemed to imply that the only way they would do go back and work on it is if it wasn’t ”in spec” I was hoping to get some input on the quality of the shower niches from other people to make sure it wasnt just me being picky and unreasonable. For reference this is supposed to be for a 500k house which is expensive for the city I’m in. I dont have the best pics as I wasn’t planning on posting when I took them but any input would be appreciated! thank you

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