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Glass shelf in shower niche--anyone have one?

9 years ago

BR is finally close to completion! I think part of me was resigned to it never being finished. As we are just about to start tiling the shower, I have started to second guess myself about putting a glass shelf in the shower niche.

That had been our plan all along, our shower is 3 feet by 5 feet with two outside walls, so the only place to put a niche was under the shower head on one of the short walls (hubby built out wall, so plumbing is in the 'false wall'). As I have a 4 foot long shelf in my guest shower (that we have been using for 4 years waiting for this reno) that is pretty full, I worried that a 27" long niche wouldn't be big enough so we made it tall enough to include a shelf.

My dilemma is that now that we are just about to start, I have come across concerns about safety of glass shelves in the of the glass places I got a quote from said that tempered glass is strong as a shelf but prone to breakage/brittle if hit on the edge. I have a glass shelf in my greenhouse window over my kitchen sink, and have never given it a second thought (been there 7 years). He asked will you have a hand-shower, and felt there was a concern about shower head hitting shelf accidentally (now am glad my hand-held head is plastic). Anyhow, am wondering now, if I should have the shelf made from the granite the bottom shelf will be made from...but then wonder if edge of tile would be enough support for granite (am sure it will be OK for glass), AND I notice my granite has mesh on the bottom, maybe won't look so nice...

Arghhh...then people talk about cleaning issues.... as if I didn't have enough stuff to worry about/fret over...

Anyhow, does anyone have a glass shelf in shower. Please reassure me that it will be I may NOT have shower done before Christmas!

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