Need to pick out balusters and railings. Would appreciate help.

25 days ago
last modified: 25 days ago

We are having reno work done on a house we purchased earlier this summer. We removed part of the wall next to the stairs to open things up a bit. Now I need to select balusters and railings. The treads will be stained wood and the railings will go into the treads and not the beam, like they were originally. I thought I wanted super plain wood railings and basic square balusters. Then I saw black rod railings and thought that looked pretty clean cut and simple. Finally I thought I might want horizontal rods over vertical rods. Finding someone locally that sells them has been very difficult and I realized they may not be allowed (per code) in our area.

So now I'm back to square one. Any suggestions? The house is cape code style. The space beyond the stairs will likely be used as a music room (guitars on the wall). The space in the foreground is the living room.

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