Which class is most tolerant of water

Hi all. So I have a band of "Indigo" which has been in the ground since late June and has grown excruciatingly slow. All it's done is made a single basal break that is, no joke, 1" tall. That's all. And replaced the 3 leaves that it lost after planting. Worried about its slow progress, I spoke with the seller who told me it may be upset about too much water, and it is indeed in one of the wetter spots in my yard: at the bottom of a slope, in afternoon shade (but gets direct morning and evening light), and it also gets hit with my sprinklers AND the sprinklers of the green space on the other side of my fence. So I was advised that it would probably appreciate dried conditions. My question is: is that spot suitable for a different rose? I have two bourbons, an alba, a setigera hybrid, hybrid musk, a few moderns, and the rest are Damask or Gallica. I'm adding a hybrid perpetual next spring. Are any of those going to tolerate more water? I mean the ground isnt SOAKED or anything, but it does stay wetter longer than the rest of the yard, which gets baked in intense sun for the summer.

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