What kind of floor is better and more cost efficient?

Nancy Marine
27 days ago

I'm in the very early process of adding a four-season sunroom onto the back of my house.

My house is an older home, built in the 1930s, and small, roughly 850SF. At the same time, I would add the sunroom, I'd also have the kitchen done, as the sunroom would come off the kitchen.

The kitchen is a project all its own, given it's a rectangle, roughly 8 x 15, and the current layout is awful, to say the least. Also, the house was used as a rental for several years before I bought it so everything in it is substandard. In addition, because the layout is so odd in the house, the dining room is tiny, tiny, tiny, and is just outside my bedroom.

It's just me and my dog, but I'd like more room to move about the house. I've considered moving the dining area to the sunroom and making the dining area a sitting area, complete with an overstuffed chair and lamp. Something kind of cozy.

One thing I'm considering is a concrete floor, glossed to look beautiful, for the sunroom. While cost IS a consideration, I was hoping professionals and those who have done this before could/would advise me as to whether or not a concrete floor is a better idea than a build up to the height of the back door, then going with a wooden floor? I'm not thinking just concrete and move on, but something that looks attractive.

(Finally, this is my forever home, only paid $26000 for it seven years ago and it will be paid off in three more years. It's not about "selling the house and getting something bigger. It's about adding onto my existing home to better suit my needs.)

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