Tonight's dinner menu

last month

A small local place that specializes in nachos and burritos (the owner is from Arizona) spent the summer remodeling the upstairs of their building, and is offering once a month special dinners by reservation only. Tonight is the first dinner, and here is the menu.

"Our 5 course menu is

- Tiradito- thinly sliced fish with grilled orange and roasted Fresno sauce. Fennel corn salad. Sweet potato chips

- Heart Chakra - beans and greens with paw paw jam

- Turtle tacos - mini fry bread tacos with crispy turtle, shrimp pasilla sauce, whole roasted jalapeño and green bean slaw

- Braised rabbit legs - in tamarind braising jus with sage roasted potatoes, caramelized carrots and pearl onions, grilled celery. Piki bread

- chocolate flan with grilled orange caramel and tamarind candy

Complimentary cocktail pairings."

I think the theme is the Tortoise and the Hare. Her food is always excellent. We are going with a friend, and taking wine (no liquor license), since we all have very low tolerance for sweet or fruity cocktails.

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