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what color would you paint the walls in this bathroom with dark marble

2 years ago

Hi people of houzz! thanks in advance for your time. The main bathroom in our new home has green/black marble on the floor and counter. The bath tile is a warm vanilla white, but its entirely concealed by my shower curtain as you can see. The sellers painted it the same flat grey they used everywhere and its not the right texture for a bathroom, so I need to paint it anyway to address the water streaking. I will say it looks much closer to a dove grey or soft white walls in person -- the photos make it seem much darker than it feels. Any thoughts on what paint color for the walls might work with the dark marble? Its windowless with only the vanity light above the sink. The ceiling fixture is a heat lamp and fan combo, not a light source. I was thinking maybe a minty green or sage or a pale aqua, but I'm worried the marble will look really forest green rather than almost black which it does now. thanks!

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