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7 days ago

I wasn't happy with the lack of freshness in grocery store nuts and seeds. I'm not ready to go into Trader Joe's, which is pretty good. I've never taken a fancy to Still, I was nearly out of currants (the raisin kind) and shelled raw pistachios, so I was looking on Amazon. Nothing really spoke to me until I saw one of those big square 2.5 lb. screw top jars of raw pistachios from It's Delish. They're local, kosher, good prices for good quality, unmessed with, and now have an Amazon store, where they have the big jars, pound, 2 pound, huge jars, way way huge jars, 5 pounds and 10 pounds. In the regular grocery stores, they have the big jars of herbs, spices and dried veg, and long hanging packets of dried fruit and nuts. I'd never seen the giant jars.

I looked a little more and found the pound packets (much bigger than the store packets (though I would have gotten those from the store if they were on the Instacart)). Perfect for my purposes. So I ordered both the pistachios and the currants. They're both fresher than any dried fruit or nuts I've ever gotten, even from farm stands. I already had the jar of sesame seeds. :)

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