Speaking of Green Power

9 years ago

I'm curious...

How many of your utility companies are using alternative energy sources?

In the suburbs, the company that supplies our electric has installed solar collectors on many utility poles--the ones that have direct sunlight hitting them for many hours a day. A lot of people think they're there to power the street lights, but that's no true, they're merely to collect a little extra energy to go into the grid.

At the country house, our electric is supplied by the city we live in--they have their own generating plants. They've also been installing huge solar farms. By now they have several. Many businesses in the area are also putting in fields of solar collectors. They're just a few feet off the ground--can be serviced by someone on foot--and look really practical, and in a rural area like that, there's a lot of ground that can be used in that way.

So are you seeing a lot of this trend in your areas? Where the utility companies are making the effort to use solar and/or wind to help keep the costs down a little?

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