September 2021, Week 2

9 days ago
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Well here we are...continued hot, breezy, and dry with fires in the area (and my allergies know it).

I tested positive for Covid last Sunday, and I have endured calls from various Arkansas Covid Teams (making me want to never test again). Luckily I'm asymptomatic except with regards to taste (which is why I thought I might want to get tested...I mean I KNEW..but just to have it officially confirmed), and that has also returned. Because I'm an anti-social critter, especially in the last year or two (Covid), I haven't officially came into contact with anyone (and hardly ever do) (defn being within 6 foot for more than 15 minutes). We've been trained to keep our distance, right ?

So much watering, I had to run many gallons (100?) for my fringe tree last night that was wilting. Contrary to all spring and even early summer, I now want rain, copious rain for maybe three weeks to resaturate the soil. Then I can start dispersing my seedlings from this year, once I know they won't die in the first day in the parched soil from wicking action.

I am enjoying walking Jasper (though would enjoy more if the 90s would vanish for the year...would kinda like to say FOREVER) and we've covered trail areas that I had wanted to walk for years, but never had a compelling reason. We did 3 miles day before yesterday (our largest single walk), but only 1 yesterday (was warmer and I picked and up/down hilly area which caused harsh breathing (being as I have COPD (no, I never smoked), and asthma, coupled with allergies and fall ragweed) enough was enough yesterday. I've been pondering if we walk the neighborhood today or we get in car for a park and hiking trails Just because I enjoy new scenery more, I'm leaning toward park and trails. If it were cooler, we'd go to the lake...but it's suppossed to be 90 again, so I'll save that for when I would like to stay longer vs run home to AC. Google maps helps me figure out how far I want to go and possibly where to park along the Greenway. Moni, it's prettier than I figured it was..glad I am getting on it. Just made up my mind, gonna go N on the Greenway from ThunderChicken to Silent Grover Rd (1.5 mile one way...too bad my car can't be waiting for me, would prefer a 3 mile trip with no turn around).

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