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Trying to help someone who hit my car

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Three days ago I got to my car and found a note stuck in the door. In the note the person apologized for hitting my fender and provided their phone number. I looked at my fender and sure enough, it had been hit.

I called the person and she explained that she was visiting a daycare center across the street, and as she was backing out she did not see my parked 2016 Camry, and dented my fender.

Given her honesty, I told her I would first try to see whether I could find an autobody mechanic who could do the work at a reasonable charge. This way we could avoid going through her insurance. She was open to this idea.

However, to my surprise, the two autobody shops I took the car to, in order to get an estimate, both said that I would have to order a new fender. Then they would have to paint the fender and the door in order for the paint to match. Both places said it would be at least $1500 and possibly more.

They said that for such work it's best to go through the insurance.

Does all this sound right?

I'll appreciate any feedback.

I'm attaching 2 photos of the damaged fender.


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