Salvia Greggii x buds not opening

last month
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Specifically, it's a greggii x, "Sparkle". It's a bright pink with a white spot in the throat. Very pretty bloom. A civano select plant.

Purchased this spring and it bloomed for about a month then the buds stopped opening.

I was having a problem on only that salvia with a minor infestation of bud worms. I could see where

those buds were damaged but still perplexed as to why buds in general are not opening. I am able

to pull the buds apart and not finding any caterpillars although I did find tiny ants in a few. Most of the buds are perfect once I pull them apart.

I have been spraying every 3 days with BT as recommended by Civano. It's been a little over a week and buds are still not opening. Lots of buds, but they don't open.

A few months ago, I made a cutting of that plant and now it's trying to bloom and it has the same problem. Located in a different area of my yard.

I have at least a dozen other varities of salvia greggiis and x's and all are blooming normally.

Some of my other greggiis are within 1 foot of the Sparkle, yet none of those are having issues.

I am considering pulling this one out anyway as it just seems prone to bugs.

Is anyone having problems with the other heatwave series greggiis? Should I give the BT longer to work?

Thanks for reading.

Update 10/2 -

Using the BT helped slightly. A few buds were opening here and there. Turns out my budworm infestation was mild.

What did make a huge difference was the cooler weather. The buds are now fully opening.

I would consider this an easy plant to grow here in central Texas. Survived the heat and humidity and the extra rain we had in the Spring. Maybe a more mature plant will bloom

better next summer? Or maybe this is one for Spring and Fall blooming.

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